Antico Pignolo Restaurant

The Antico Pignolo Restaurant, adjacent to Hotel Montecarlo, is one of the most prestigious and renowned eateries in Venice.

Constructed in the 13th century, the building that houses the restaurant was once a blacksmith’s forge, where the royal horses were shoed. In the 17th and 18th centuries, it served as the bakery for a nunnery. 1930 saw the creation of the Antico Pignolo restaurant, which from the outset has been frequented by a stylish, exclusive clientele.

Over the past three decades, the restaurant has been managed by Riccardo De Pietri, who has shown an unflagging commitment to delivering a highly polished service, with refined menus and exceptional attention to detail.

The Antico Pignolo plays host to a wine cellar boasting more than 900 wines from every corner of the globe, all painstakingly selected. Internationally lauded time and again over the years, the cellar has received special recognition from none other than Wine Spectator magazine, which has named it repeatedly as one of the finest in the world.